Thursday, December 21, 2017

I see it has been since September since I posted. I've just been too busy and staying off the internet. Our service we have limits our data usage and includes our phones so hoping after the first of the year I can change that to unlimited and then can come on here more. The pictures below are not in order as they happened since September but will try to explain each one.

We recently got a new addition to our family. This is Miss Kinsey and she is a German Shepherd. Sonny's middle sister gave her to us. It has been some years since we have had a puppy. Those big wire kennel cages are wonderful.

In September I set up a display booth at the fair again this year. It was much better than last year. I found out they gave ribbons to the best ones but I wanted to keep ours simple so it wasn't as elaborate as others.

In October Sonny and I went to Little Rock to begin his surgery for knee replacements at the VA hospital. Well it didn't happen. We spent the night in one of the worst hotels I've ever stayed in. I won't go into detail about it. Then at 5:30 we took the shuttle to the hospital where they wouldn't perform the surgery because he had a 3 week old chigger bite on his knee. So we had to wait on our ride and then after the disappointment and anger of it all, Sonny had decided to use Medicare instead. Well seems he can't have that done until he enrolls in it and then it would be July before he could get scheduled and so looking at going through another year of waiting. So he changed his mind and has rescheduled for Jan.9. This will just be the starting process again as we have to start all over and will probably be in February or March before it happens. 

In November we fired up the smokehouse and smoked 5 turkey breasts, 2 hams and 20 tubes of summer sausage. The turkeys and hams were for our church Thanksgiving dinner. 

In between all that we drove out to the little cemetery where we have decided to be buried. I love old churches so it has this little chapel on the grounds. 

The end of November we celebrated Sonny's 72th birthday with kids and grandkids. 

We also had Christmas pictures taken for a change. I really want to try to do this each year. My sweet daughter-in-law Carmen is great with cameras so she did the honors. 

And best news is our oldest 2 granddaughers are getting married. No dates set yet. The picture shown is the one who lives closest to us. Other lives in Arizona. 


on our way to VA hospital. Hate city traffic. 

Sonny smoking meat for Thanksgiving.

The small chapel at our cemetery. 

Fair booth display

Sonny's 72th birthday with son and granddaughter...goofing off. 

Our granddaugher Nicki and boyfriend Kolin...soon to be married. 

Our Christmas photo

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  1. I know it has been forever since I have reached out to you and I realized that I forgot to comment when I was here in December - I just wanted to say that I love your pictures and your Christmas photo is perfect! - Hugs