Monday, September 25, 2017

Rugs For Sale

I was having so many problems with etsy not depositing my money into my bank account so I closed out my store and decided to try to sell here on my blog. I have posted my "Garden Run" rug to the right with a paynow button if you are interested. But here is the bigger photo of the rug. 
It is traditionally hooked...that is it is hooked with a heritage hook on cotton monks cloth backing using 100& new, hand-dyed, and recycled wool strips. It is bound in wool and has hanging rings on the back for hanging on a wall.

You need to take care when cleaning your rug. Do not ever use bleach or bleach products on the rug as bleach melts wool. Also do not machine or hand wash the rug. The water and agitation will make the monks cloth sag and fray. 

To clean: Spot clean only. Shake gently and vacuum lightly. To deep clean and if you live were there is snow...lay in clean snow for an hour or 2 and then dry and block.

To block a rug...lay on a hard surface...(I use my wood floors). Lay a damp towel over entire rug. Using an iron without steam and set on highest setting, press going up and down (not sliding your iron around) several times over entire rug. Remove towel and let it sit and dry preferably overnight. 

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