Friday, May 19, 2017

Saga of the missing salt shaker

I played a little joke on my husband today...not on purpose but accidentally. You see last night I was bundling up things to take up to my she-shed to work on. Right now I'm interested in Bible Journaling so had 2 bags full. I had the bags on our kitchen table where the salt and pepper shaker are. I filled the bags and moved them to the laundry room to have handy to take with me this morning to take to the she-shed. I accidentally put the salt shaker in one bag and didn't realize it. Funny thing is Sonny had used the shaker last on some cantaloupe he ate last when we sat down to eat breakfast, we couldn't find the salt. We looked high and low for it from kitchen cupboards to inside the refrigerator to everywhere we could think. He was so frustrated and he was to the point of puzzlement that he thought he was losing his mind. He first accused me and I threw a fit on him as he usually does that first without thinking, but low and was me...After breakfast I found the shaker in my bag.

He wasn't happy with me at all though I was laughing so hard I could hardly breathe. I did apologize and he seems ok now. At least he knows he hasn't lost his mind any more.

And here are some more shots of our place...The clematis again. They are so lovely but the bottoms of the vines are brown. They do this every year and all of the vines do it so not just one. They do bloom again each year and each year they get lovelier but just are ugly where the brown is.

Our little hens we got about a month ago have tripled in size. I just love watching them. We had a stump in the back yard where we keep them that had fire ants...well they have eat them all up. We just found a natural means to control fire ants. Our yard dogs have finally settled to the fact that they can't have them to play with and now ignore them thankfully.

And as always....

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