Monday, May 29, 2017

Rooster in the Mix? Baby Mockingbirds! And Blueberries

Our little hens have sure grown. They have finally eaten all the fire ants out of the old stump in their yard.
A couple of days ago, I told Sonny I thought one of our hens was a rooster. We so called bought pullets but when they are little it is hard to tell. Arkansas law states you must buy 6 biddies at a time. I think to keep kids from getting babies for pets or at Easter. Anyway our farm and ranch store had a special if you buy 6 you get a 7th one. I even watched them gather and crate them for us so just figured they were all hens. Well this morning I woke to the most awful noise...sounded kind like an owl. I'm thinking "O NO, an owl will catch and eat our hens." Well looked out in the yard and it was a rooster among the mix.
He is the one on the left and is much larger than the others so guess he has a harem of 6 hens now. 

Along with our wanderings around the place this morning, we discovered a mockingbird had made a nest in our muscadine grape vines. It makes it closer to the blueberries which they guess a fight is on our hands later. But I was able with a lot of fussing from mama bird to get a close up of the babies.

You can see the beak on one in the bottom center right side. All are fuzzy and really ugly!!!! Of course not to mama bird.

While there I discovered some of our blueberries are getting ripe so ate a handful.
In a week or so, we will be picking them and looks like we will have a lot to give away this year. 

And as always.....

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