Saturday, May 20, 2017

Mother's day and other things

I finally got the photos off my camera to post. Last Sunday was Mother's Day. Our preacher always has a family reunion that weekend and so Sonny got to do his first official sermon that morning. Our youngest son and family came as well as the middle daughter-in-love and her 3 girls. I forgot my camera but the one youngest son's wife had her phone and took this photo of me, my son and Miss Molly.

I failed to get a photo with the other 4 girls. They gifted me with such nice gifts as well. An owl tote bag and lots of candy in a mug.

Then Monday night, our only grandson Reid graduated from High school. We did the long drive over to watch but since it was so late, we came straight home without photos but thankfully one of the DIL's took this one and shared.
This is our oldest son and all 3 of his kids. In order from left to right. Dani, Shawn, Lexy and Reid. All 3 of these kids are out of school now. Lexy graduated from college this winter and is now a nurse in charge of a nursing home in Houston. Lexy is a hair dresser. Reid is going to a community college and hopefully will go on to become a game warden. So proud of all our grands. 
I love this tree. I bought it for hubby one father's day years and years ago. I call it a worm tree. It is really a catawba tree. It blooms early summer and the smell is heavenly. You have to seed it with the worms which multiply and are mainly used for fishing bait.

These worms only live on this tree. We seeded it one year and the following year Sonny took off too many of the worms and so now we need to reseed it again. They eat all the leaves but won't kill the tree. Amazing how nature works. 
And as always....

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