Thursday, May 4, 2017

Lightning Strike and more iris

Spring rains have been occurring lately. We had terrible storm this past weekend with lots of lightning. One hit our house and even though I had serge protectors...they don't help when lightning does a direct strike. So lost my newer laptop computer and printer. Also fried our computer board that operates the oven on our cook stove. The bad news was that the stove just went out of warranty about 2 months ago so it is going to cost us $275 just for the part...not including labor.  I made appointment with the Geek Squad at Best Buy where I got the laptop. I had just bought the full coverage...when I got there, they told me I needed to send it to their service center....but I remembered I had extended warranty so they sent it for me at their expense. If it can't be fixed, then I get credit towards a new one for the cost of the old one. I'm so thankful I got the extended warranty. Sonny didn't want me to at the time. Also glad I had my old computer worked on back in January and just absolutely love it...forgot how nice a big huge monitor could be. 

I'm also making an effort to start saving my work each time I use it and to unplug everything during a storm. Also going to start saving photos of things here on my blog or facebook. At least then I know I have a back the next few photos are of just the irises. They have wound down now and not many left so wanted to share these anyway.
Youngest granddaugher

I mostly had purple ones to bloom this year. Strange how that occurs...last year I had mostly yellow. I'm clearing the bed of the white ones this year as most of them are ones that have reverted to a wild state. 

Tomorrow I will put up other flowers. 

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