Friday, May 12, 2017

Clematis and other garden fruits

All our clematis are blooming. The first one that bloomed was a large pink one but it only had 3 blooms and faded fast. Here are the rest...
This is a very old fashioned one called a Jackmani

These are all on the same trellis and are supposed to be red white and blue....but you can see they are all different..But I love them and all the shades of pinks are gorgeous with the white ones.

tiny muscadine grapes. They won't ripen until towards the end of summer. Right now they are tiny. 

Our blueberries should be ripe by the end of May or first part of June. We had to shake them to remove some as there were just too many for them to get large and it stresses the bushes. 

This is our only chestnut tree. We had ordered 3 English Walnuts and this is what the nursery sent us. We cut down 2 and left the one. The long thing things that look like stems are the blooms. The nuts are inside sticky pods when they ripen.


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