Wednesday, April 5, 2017

More blooms

It is probably good I'm getting photos of the flowers blooming as we are due a cold spell and hopefully no freeze or frost. But you never know what the weather will bring. Temps are already dropping today. So here are my photos today.
My tulips are pretty well spent so this photo was taken over a week ago.

These were in the original bed before we turned it into our iris garden so we left them and they give a shot of color before the iris bloom.

A close up of one of the red tulips.

My iris are beginning to bloom. The yellow and this pink one are newer hybrids.
I have several of these blooming. These are an old antique one that was brought from my grandmother's yard over 30 years ago. They were the first to bloom.

My clematis have begun to bloom. I have more photos on my phone but for some reason it won't send to my emails to show. I have several colors and varieties. 
Clematis are kin to the wild trumpet vines. Our wild trumpet vines are blooming in the tops of our trees so you can hardly see them but they drop their blooms all over. Usually when they and the clematis bloom, the hummingbirds are back but it has been cold enough lately to keep them away. 

And as always...

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