Friday, April 14, 2017

blooming Iris

The iris are really beginning to bloom. I've taken a few photos and thought I would share.
This is one of the hybrids I bought a few years ago. It is a  lovely purple and white. But lots of dotty sprinkles in the white part.
Most of the purples that are blooming now are the old fashioned antique ones and were from my grandmother's garden from about 30 years ago.

These are 2 more hybrids. A light blue and a purple and yellow. The purple and yellow also have the spotty sprinkles in the yellow part. 

This is a love peachy pink...more pink that peach. 

This is more of the true peach colored one. 

This clematis was supposed to be a red one but it is a deep purple. It blooms all summer long and just fills out the trellis so nicely.

These are wild water iris. Think they may be a Siberian type iris. We dug them up from the wilds years and years ago and they are not planted in water. But they are planted beside our 2 small goldfish ponds. We planted ivy as a ground cover around the base of it and around the ponds. But they bloom so nicely...just smaller than the traditional iris. 

We finally got the 2 mosaic deer heads up on the mantle. Love the looks of them. 

And as always...

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  1. I just love your irises. They are really lovely and the mosaic heads are really, really beautiful! Well done!