Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Summer in March

Seems our March has had some summer temps already...up into the 80F...But am so enjoying it. The tulips have finally begun to bloom as are the redbud trees. Dogwoods haven't started yet. Most of our fruit trees except for the European plums have bloomed out and set some fruit. We lost a little of the blooms during those few cold mornings but looks like we won't really hurt. 
I met my sister and brother in law for my birthday. We met in Hot Springs and ate at Hibachi's grill. I love Asian food especially seafood. 

So enjoy her company. Then Sonny was ordained as a deacon in our church. All our kids except the youngest son came (he was off-shore at work) and most of our grandkids came. 

Sonny has really made a large step in his Christian walk this past year. I'm so proud of him. 
Sonny's youngest sister came as well. 

They are standing next to my new tulip magnolia tree that Jason and Jackie got me for my birthday. You can see the stone plums in the back are almost finished blooming and the pink blooms to the right of Sonny is one of our peach trees still in bloom.
Our tulips have begun to bloom.

Our redbud rees are in full bloom as well.
The wild thrilliums are in bloom.

And the tiger lilies have sprung up.

We are looking at the baby hawks hatching soon.

Hope to get some photos of them this year. The nest keeps expanding each year and is getting huge. 
On crafty note. I finished a couple of hooked chair pads a set of 4 flower coasters and a set of 2 heart coasters. No photos taken yet. I also finished grouting the mosaic deer head and just have to clean it up. I also decoupaged the deacon certificate Sonny got. Photos will come on all these later. 
as always.....

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