Thursday, March 9, 2017

Some time past

Well didn't realize how much time had past since I last blogged. So guess it is time for something new. 

Been a busy time around here. We had a big tree cut down in front of our house. We would normally do something like this ourselves but it was too close to the house and powerlines so was best to have it done properly.

We worried that it would run off the hawks that are nesting in the tree beside it. You can barely see the nest in the above photo. Here is a better close up.

The main part of the tree that fell hit the nesting tree and just knew it had run the family off. but noticed they were back. We cleaned up up most of the stuff left and today this is what we have left to clean up. Sonny has to split the logs before we can load them in the back of the ATV. Just too heavy otherwise. 

But really glad to have the tree down. We worried with spring storms coming that we would have a major problem with it. 

In the meantime, I've been working on several projects. Another rug finished and some coasters I hooked.

I have another round chair pad on my hooking frame. It is an autumn themed one. Then have a Halloween themed round chair pad to work on next. 

I also ventured into doing mosaic. Sonny has been doing European mounted heads for years now. So I talked him into doing one in mosiac. Here is the first one. I still have to grout it. 

I love how they look. I plan to do the next one in mirror shards. 

And as always...

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