Thursday, March 30, 2017

New Projects and Yard

Sonny liked the mosaic deer head so much that I'm now working on the second one. This one will be done in cobalt blue with mirror pieces for the cross and a star. I am about finished gluing the glass and then it will have to dry for several days before grouting. 

In the meantime, we have finished putting down black plastic in the walking rows of the iris bed and we covered that over with oak bark mulch.
We have bud already. 
Our tulips we planted over 10 years ago have had a good bloom this year. It is amazing since we had such a mild winter.

Our redbuds have been outstanding this year as well.
My wild thrillium I transplanted years ago have been blooming. I found out they are an endangered wild flower so I'm glad I saved it when we cleared the back yard.
We bought a chicken coop last week at Atwoods. They had them marked down. Funny thing is when we got home, we realized they had given us the more expensive one for the one that was on sale..Our local farm and ranch store has baby chicks for sale so we hope to get up there this afternoon or tomorrow and get 6 pullets. We are putting the coop in our back yard which is fenced off.
This is what it looks like but ours is painted grey with a red door. We got it cheaper than what Sonny could have built it for. 

I'm making another attempt at putting together the star quilt top I started years ago. I had to rip it out some to redo as had sewn by machine and should have sewn by hand. But at least I'm starting it again. 

I have fallen in love with Tim Holtz sizzix dies of the small houses. I found the basic house at Hobby Lobby a week ago and used my 40% off coupon and bought it. Hobby Lobby also had their scrapbooking papers on sale so bought some card stock and some wood patterned papers. I used Modge Podge and glued the paper to the stiffer card stock and finally cut my first houses. I can get 2 cuts from one of the large pages so will be able to get 2 houses from each one. Glue them together is a pain. But think I will like them once they are done. 

I'm now in love with his city landscape dies.
And as always...


  1. I have finally gotten back to being able to read my favourite blogs. So, am back :D Nice that you got that chicken coup at a great price. Can't wait to see pictures. And I love the house. I need to get busy like you. ;)

  2. Hi Barbara, I didn't remember you had this blog. I just happen to come across it on Pinterest. Just wanted to thank you for the picture you sent of you and Sonny. It is a beautiful picture; love the red on both of you. You look so young and viberant. Life must be treating you great. Please tell Sonny hi for me and hugs for you both. I hope you guys have a great Christmas. We will be going to Texas sometime around the 21st. Amineh will be having her 2nd. baby. I can't remember for sure when she is due. I think she is having a little boy this time. We weren't able to be there when she had Layla. Aysha has 2 kids now Sumayya and Omar. Amineh is keeping up with Aysha. He will make our 6th great grand baby. We sure miss not getting to see them very often.Your iris bed looks so pretty all cleaned out. My beds are so over run with the weeds. Raymond has been trying to help me to get the weeds out but now it has turned off cold so I won't go out there till it is a little warmer. I've had both my knees worked on so it isn't that easy to be out weeding. Now I have finely gone to see about why my shoulder has been hurting me for years. Turns out I have a bone spur on the top and a big thing of calicuam (can't spell it)under it. Going for and MRI on Monday. Then he will talk to me about the results on the 14th.