Saturday, March 11, 2017

March 11

Today is one of my daughter-in-love's birthday. Tomorrow is mine. We have tried to celebrate together but she is always too busy. She does "junk shows" and redoes old furniture and things into works of arts and it always seems she is busy with one of the junk fairs during this time of year. 
So I'm showing some photos I've taken lately.

Our spirea bushes have been so lovely but now are rather ratty looking. This photo was taken over a week ago. Many of our fruit trees have been in bloom and now of course we are due some cold cold weather...WINTER IS BACK!!!

I got this shot of one of the pear blooms. I'm really hoping the weather man is wrong as most of the time they miss the forecast so
I can hope and pray anyway.

Our ponds and water iris area. The ivy has really taken over. We have it planted everywhere the grass won't grow. Thinking of trying to grow it on the tree stump we had cut since I plan to turn that area in to the new gnome home garden.

We did finally get all the limbs and logs removed and seems the hawks are ok as well.

Sonny has been fishing lately. These are from 2 different days. He mainly likes to crappie fish. They taste so good fresh from the lake but up in the summer they aren't as good. Spring fish are the best. Summers he will go catfishing. But catfish last longer in the freezer. Crappie only last a couple of months. They are a very lean fish with very little fat. 

Our 2 little yard dogs. Since our house dog died, we have opted to not have any in the house anymore. I miss one though. But these love to be loved on and are such good little dogs. The smaller one is Fred and he got beaten up the other day by a much much larger dog. I was missing him and had Sonny go see if he was locked up in the shop. Well Sonny saved him just in time. 

And as always...

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