Thursday, March 23, 2017

A few craft finishes

I finally finished the grouting on the mosaic deer head.

I'm so pleased how it turned out. Now I have another one to do and Sonny will hang them above our mantle. I was notified by my nephew to do one of his heads so guess that will be another project whenever I get it.

Then I finally got around to getting photos of the last 2 rugs and coasters I hooked.
These are autumn themed chair pads. 
This is a small candle mat that is double sided. Flowers on oneside.

and "Live Simply" on other with embroidered wreath in center. 
These are a set of flower coasters.

I completely line them on back with recycled wool.
Then these are a set of wool applique coasters with hearts formed into a flower design on one side.

And embroidered wreath on the other side.

I have put them all in my etsy store along with the last bunny rugs I've made.

And as always....

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  1. Love you mosaic project turned out great. Course I love your rug hooking ones also. Would you believe I never have done anything with my wool as of yet. I need to try and find out where I can get one of those things to cut them up into strip. If I could just get them dyed.