Friday, March 31, 2017

2 in 2 days

I think I'm on a roll....2 blog postings in 2 days...nope just bored. Finished gluing the mosaic pieces to the second deer head. Letting it dry and then will grout but this is what it looks like so far.

This one has mirror pieces forming a star at the top and a cross on the nose. The surrounding pieces are cobalt blue and black beads.
When finished, we will hang both over our mantle.

We got our hen house and Sonny set it up in our back yard.

He hung a light in the laying box and we closed it off for the baby chicks. We got 7 baby Dominique pullets (females).

This is what they will look like when grown.
We found out that in our state of Arkansas you have to buy a minimum of 6 chicks..probably due to people buying Easter chicks this time of year..anyway, the farm and ranch store had a sale if you buy 6 you get an extra so we have 7. 
Many many years ago when we lived in Louisiana, we had this breed of chickens. It is an old vintage type and really hardy and a good layer. We have not seen any in a long long time for sale. We didn't get a rooster as we just want the eggs.  

I forgot an important event that happened to Sonny a couple of Sundays ago. He became a deacon.

Two of our sons and 3 of the daughter-in-laws and 5 of the grandkids came. Sonny's youngest sister also came and spent the night.

Sonny is now teaching Bible study almost every Wednesday night. The regular guy had more cancer to show up on his brain and lungs and has had radiation to his brain for 10 days. It makes him forgetful so Sonny has taken over the duty until he feels good enough to return. We miss him.

And as always...

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  1. The mosaic is beautiful! And Congrads to Sonny! Looking forward to more pictures of the chickens too. Hugs