Thursday, February 16, 2017

heart swap and books

I have been so busy lately. I had a love 3 day visit with my sister and she caught the bug going around lately. But we had a good time. I set her up with wool and her rug backing to begin a rug. The moon was full while she was here and she took this photo of the moon shot towards the back of our house. She stayed in our She-shed apartment and really enjoyed it.

Also we had a huge bag of greeting cards she had saved over the years and so we used them to make little notepad books. I took 10 to church to give to youngest children's Sunday school class and then she took home about 10-15 and still I have bunches.

I have picked out my favorites and showing more of a closeup of these.

I already have these designated to friends. But they are so much fun to make. Now I'm planning on making some paper lunch sack books. I bought a sizzix die that is called a stitchlet and it punches tiny holes for stitching through. I'm going to try to use it for the binding on the papersack books. 
I am going to start making the church bulletin each week and found out my Printshop does not work with my version on windows. I really almost hate microsoft since they have gone more into making money than helping people out. I refuse to pay them for their documents program so mainly use open office or Libre now. So looks like I will be purchasing a new printshop program to fit windows 11. 
I have been doing a heart swap with a yahoo group for years. It seems we are all getting old and have so much in our personal lives going on now that I feel this may be the last one we do. We had 4 to sign up but one backed out so I made 2 swaps in the UK and one in New Zealand. They both together cost almost $45 for postage. But I enjoy it so may continue with just these 2 ladies until we all decide to call it quits. I received both my swaps and am overwhelmed in the work they do...such lovely things.This one is from the UK.

And this one is from New Zealand. She used her wet felted wool on the back and love how she incorporated other fibers in it.

I have hearts hung from windows and door knobs all over my house. Just love them. 
And as always....

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