Friday, January 27, 2017

So many things have happened

January has started out with a bang. First we were robbed on January2. We knew who it was as it was the same ones who have robbed us 3 other times, but we could never prove it. This time they broke the door jams on the shop and then stole a bunch of tools, a tv and a computer we had in the she-shed apartment and the game camera we had outside to catch them. They broke it off the tree.

When the deputy came out, they told us they could search their place without a search warrant because they were on probation and convicted they raided them that night and recovered everything. They even found the game camera with the flash card still inside. So we got a good shot of the robber. 

Besides arresting him, they arrested the woman who was a convicted felon and had the key to their gun case. Another man fled and hid in the woods and they caught him the next day holed up in a shed on their property. They are looking for a 4th man. It seems they have been robbing people and then putting the things on the swap-shop groups on Facebook. The sheriff's department keeps an eye on those groups. They also found out that they were trying to sell our metal flat trailers on the swap-shop so we are now in the process of fixing the locks on our gates with tamper proof covers as you can see from the photo the bolt cutters he has...But right all 3 are in jail but for how long.

We have also installed 2 Lorex Security systems with 4 cameras on the shop and 4 cameras on our house.

But after getting the computer back and turning it on, I discovered they had taken my username and password out and put theirs in and I could not do anything to change it back. It looks like they messed it up bad. So I took it to Best Buy to the geeks squad and they had to wipe it clean and reinstall windows 10 to get it to work. I now have to put in my corel and photoshop software. Such a pain it has been.

We also had to got into the Verizon store and get a modem to hook up the security systems to view from our phones. 

During all this, I did manage to finish a rug. It is a Spring-Easter rug I call...."One little grey hare". 

I also drew up 4 more rugs to hook. So I will be busy until gardening time.
Speaking of gardens, my first crocus bloomed today.

And the lions mane fungus has really gotten big this winter. Much bigger than it has ever grown. We really need to cut down that tree and if we do, then I will make the stump into another gnome home.

And as always...

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