Thursday, December 22, 2016

Things have been quite busy this holiday season. We will have 2 of the sons and their families out the week after Christmas. Sonny and I plan to visit my sister and brother in law on Christmas day.

I got the quilt back from the quilt shop who did the long arm quilting on it. I'm very pleased with it and know the granddaughter is going to love it. She picked out most of the fabrics.

The middle granddaughter is getting this one I had quilted last spring.

The oldest granddaugher is getting some dolls and some embroidered towels for her hope chest. Photo will come later.
The youngest granddaughter is into the American dolls. I had previously shown the trunk that hubby planned to build for her...well here is the one he made.

I've been doing alot of cookie baking and making treats for Christmas gifts. I don't have photos for all the cookies but these are my Rum baking required.

When I was a child my mom baked and made lots of Christmas goodies. One of our favorities she called "Chicken Feed" which is really Chex I made some of this..

I used 5 boxes of cereal, 1 package of pecans, 1 package of walnuts and 1/2 package of cheerios but used the large pretzels instead of the stick kind. I also used mom's recipe for the juice that you pour over it. But I let it bake a little too long...oh well!!! We will eat it anyway.

Our youngest son and family went to Disney World for Christmas...they are having a ball. Here is Miss Molly dressed up like Cinderella..she got to meet all the Disney Princesses and many of the Disney characters. I think they may get to go to Crystal River and swim with the manatees before heading home. More pictures will come later.

And as always....

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Been awhile since I've even been online. Working on some unfinished things for Christmas gifts. I finished some redwork embroidery in blue that is the Lord's Prayer and the fruits of the Spirit. I will combine them after Christmas into a wall hanging. I also am finishing hooking a couple of rugs my sister started back in 2012. I have completed one and about 2/3rds  finished with the other one. 

Photo of the other will come later. 

I did what little Christmas decorating I do each year. This year instead of the table top tree, I only put my spoon tree up that hubby made.

I keep my snow village out year round.

Then I went very basic with my dining room table. Just my nativity embroidered table cloth and my white angels and dove candle holder.

I didn't iron the table cloth and thought the folds would come out on their own but don't think it is happening. 
Got my light up redbirds and wiener dogs out on the porch.

From a distance they look like chickens and ?????
On a gift note.....I have been wanting a Sizzix cutter for over a year and decided to gift myself this year with got it the other day and of course it came without dies so now I'm looking at ordering dies. I will check Michaels next week to see if they have some basic one.

Sonny got some new boots and a quilted vest.
And as always...thought I would put up my To-Do list for the holidays.