Saturday, November 26, 2016

Thanks for everything Father!!!

This week is a time to reflect on all we are thankful for...I'm so thankful for my family and my husband who I love with my whole heart. I'm thankful for my health and a warm home and good food but I'm especially thankful for my God...HE is everything to me.

He paints the best pictures ever.....

Noone can compete with that. Early morning sunrise just makes you want to get up and do more for Him.


Had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my sister and her were all celebrating with their other sides of their families...
Sonny's birthday was the 20th and he decided to go hunting and man he got the best present ever!!!!

A nice 8 point buck..

Have most of the Christmas gifts made for everyone in the family but the youngest. She is into American dolls. She was wanting her Papaw to make a doll house but for what it was going to cost, it was much much cheaper to buy one...but her mom being the resourceful person she is found a book shelf she converted to the doll had been looking for something to do for Miss Molly...found this darling doll trunk with bed that Papaw plans to make.. It is from this site.
Doll trunk
I think she will be thrilled...but since they are going to Disney World for Christmas, she won't get it until her birthday in January. 

Well off here for the day. And I leave you as always....

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