Friday, November 4, 2016

Is Autumn here yet?

We have been dealing with unusually warm temps for this time of year up into the high 80's...We finally got some rain yesterday and temps are a little cooler but still seems so dry out...We won't have good fall colors this year due to the dry warm weather we have there are already tons of leaves that have fallen. 

We have been fighting a buck deer lately. This past summer it was squirrels eating our fruit but now this buck is tearing up our smaller fruit trees with his is what you call "hooking"..they mark their territory by doing this. Hubby is a big hunter so imagine he will be in our freezer when hunting season opens..But this is what some of the trees look like. 

We have put stakes up around them to deter the buck from hooking and killing our trees...we did lose one smaller tree from his hooking.

And since the persimmons have pretty well fallen off the tree now, we took down the carpet tack strips and will reuse them on the fruit trees this next spring to deter the helped on the persimmon tree so know it will work on the other trees as well.

My sister came out and stayed a couple of nights a few weeks ago. We took a trip down memory lane and took a drive over to some places we camped at when we were kids..
Here is the Cossatot River.

We hiked around here for awhile and then drove over to Shady Lake. There we spent about an hour talking to the camp ground supervisor.
Then drove to Bards Springs. They still have the old lean-to camp sheds...didn't take photos there and then since Camp Albert Pike is still closed we didn't stop there as well. I hate that the Albert Pike is closed but it had gotten so overrun with people and ATV's that it was it is reverting back to the natural state and so lovely. There were some back packers and horse trail riders so it is getting some use...just no bathroom upkeeps.

Finished up the scrappy 9-patch quilt top and lady in our church quilted it for me but I have to bind it. Been doing some redwork baby quilt blocks for some baby quilts. Have some aprons to finish for Christmas gifts and also some ceramics to paint for the DGD's boyfriend's Christmas...and then she has given me 4 dolls to dress. 2 of the dolls I have to make bodies for...Also wanting to start a new hooked rug. Staying busy.

And I am ending this as usual..

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