Thursday, July 23, 2015

Yahoo group challenge vote

I am owner of a yahoo group. I used to have 3 but gave them over to others. One was a huge hand stitching group that had members from around the world. I missed it after I left so instead of just hand stitching I started a group that could make anything..called hand made artisans. I also did a facebook group with same heading. You can look it up on Facebook and send a request and I can add you. The yahoo group addy is:

We do challenges in this group every so often and we just finished a bird challenge. Here are the entries. If you want to vote for your favorite then leave a comment in the comment section.

Bird #1

Bird #2
Only vote 1 or 2. Mine is not entered as it was the display bird and made a few years ago. But here is mine
We will be starting a new challenge again soon.


  1. Hi Barbara after all this time of having this cell I am just now trying to understand n figure how this Gmail thing works. Hopefully I will get it figured out. Hope you guys are doing OK. I very rarely Get on facebook because Ihave a hard time getting off it.