Saturday, July 18, 2015

New computer and gardening

Well I wrote a long post here and it disappeared. So trying again.
I finally got a new computer since my old one was on it's last leg. This time I got a laptop. Not sure I'm going to like it but probably will once I've used it a lot. I also upgraded my satellite internet to more minutes so now can come here more often.

Gardening is winding down. We only have tomatoes, peppers and okra left and they will continue to produce until frost. I have been drying much of the peaches and plan to dry my apples this year as well. After we cleaned out our pantry, we decided we didn't need to put up tomatoes or salsa so going to work on making spaghetti sauce next week instead. We have given away so many tomatoes too.

This week we are doggie sitting our middle son's 2 inside dogs. Jack is a cockapoo and is so so old and he has back troubles (arthritis). Sophie is just a couple of years old and is a dachshund. She is mainly a one family dog so thought she might be a problem. But she remembered staying with us last summer and has adjust quite well this time.

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  1. Good to hear that your computer troubles are behind now. Happy Gardening :D