Thursday, July 23, 2015

Yahoo group challenge vote

I am owner of a yahoo group. I used to have 3 but gave them over to others. One was a huge hand stitching group that had members from around the world. I missed it after I left so instead of just hand stitching I started a group that could make anything..called hand made artisans. I also did a facebook group with same heading. You can look it up on Facebook and send a request and I can add you. The yahoo group addy is:

We do challenges in this group every so often and we just finished a bird challenge. Here are the entries. If you want to vote for your favorite then leave a comment in the comment section.

Bird #1

Bird #2
Only vote 1 or 2. Mine is not entered as it was the display bird and made a few years ago. But here is mine
We will be starting a new challenge again soon.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


We have been blest. In all the summers we have taken veggies and fruit from our garden and given to friends, we have never had anyone to bless us back until yesterday.
Seems our neighbor works for Nabisco and he brought us a big box full of 13 different kinds of products. So what a blessing.

I've been working on making spaghetti sauce. My first time ever to make any and I jarred up 6 quarts. I had 7 but we used one to try it out today at lunch and it is yummy and so much better than store bought.
I'm now making another batch.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

New computer and gardening

Well I wrote a long post here and it disappeared. So trying again.
I finally got a new computer since my old one was on it's last leg. This time I got a laptop. Not sure I'm going to like it but probably will once I've used it a lot. I also upgraded my satellite internet to more minutes so now can come here more often.

Gardening is winding down. We only have tomatoes, peppers and okra left and they will continue to produce until frost. I have been drying much of the peaches and plan to dry my apples this year as well. After we cleaned out our pantry, we decided we didn't need to put up tomatoes or salsa so going to work on making spaghetti sauce next week instead. We have given away so many tomatoes too.

This week we are doggie sitting our middle son's 2 inside dogs. Jack is a cockapoo and is so so old and he has back troubles (arthritis). Sophie is just a couple of years old and is a dachshund. She is mainly a one family dog so thought she might be a problem. But she remembered staying with us last summer and has adjust quite well this time.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Rainy Day photos

My sister and BIL came out today for a visit and to get some blueberries. It was such a nice visit. We had some showers so the place really looked green. This is a photo my sister took looking out from our house across the road at the clouds on the mountain.The flower bed in the photo is our iris bed. We need to cut them back.
Another photo she took was of our muscadine arbor over our brick walkway looking at our firepit area and garden in the background.
I am almost finished with the 3rd quilt top. I have one more row of blocks and then the sashing and removing the papers and then it will be ready to take to the quilt shop to be quilted.

But have to admit that I'm so glad my jam and jelly making is over until the apples ripen. The dried peaches turned out nice and have them in the freezer. I do plan to make salsa soon as we get enough tomatoes.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Blueberries and fabric

Today started early. I put up 26 pints of plum jam yesterday and thought I was finished with my jam and jelly making as I had put up 28 pints of peach jam last week...but was just going to put up the cherry juice I had into jelly but found that what I thought was cherry juice was really more plum pulp so got it all in a gallon ice cream bucket and called my DIL who was coming out to bring our ice chest back from last week when she came and borrowed to take home the garden and fruit goodies. Well she wanted the plum pulp so glad it found a good home. I did find enough cherry juice to make 4 pints of jelly so that was made this morning. Also picked 2 gallons of blueberries.
I kept one gallon and gave the other to the DIL to take home. She will be jelly and jam making tomorrow. In the meantime she was headed to her mom's house. Since her mom died, she and her older sister have been cleaning the house out. Her mom was a big quilter and think she may have made over 200 quilts in her lifetime and all hand quilted at that. But she had a huge fabric stash. The DIL wanted me to follower her over there after blueberry picking and pick out what fabrics I wanted. I came back with 3 bags full...mostly reds, whites, blues but some other colors as well. Also found an old Tupperware box full of embroidery floss and also they had a bag full of thread. I picked out a couple of handfuls of the thread. When I got home, I sorted it on my sofa so I could wash all the fabric. Here is all the goodies I got today. Better than Christmas.

In the midst of washing it all, I have gotten all the peaches I peeled and sugared yesterday into my dehydrator. Can't wait to try the dried peaches. Will be something good for this winter.