Saturday, June 6, 2015

Today and yesterday was laundry day. I do my bed linens every Friday and then the rest of the clothes on Saturday. I also bathe the dog on Fridays. So all her doggie blankets get washed then as well. I know you are wondering what I mean when I say "blanketS?" I really mean more than one. We keep the recliner love seat covered in small blankets and the back of it covered in a quilt and then she has her crocheted blanket to cuddle in and the blanket throw on our bed. I know we spoil her. She was a rescue dog. We found her down the road with her brother. She was terribly thin and dirty. She weighed in less than 4lbs. We took to the vet and the little male had to be put down as he had a broken back. We fed her and cleaned her up and she has become our "baby." We spoil her terribly. She is now about 10lbs or so and goes with us every chance she gets.
(photos may not show up as on slow internet still).

I've drawn out 2 new rugs onto backing. Another "Bad Hair day" and a group of 4 sunflowers in frames.

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