Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Saturday we picked all the Sugar Snap peas. We got a little over a bushel total. This is what a bushel of peas looks like when they are shelled.
We put them in the freezer in small batches just enough for hubby and I for one meal. If we have company, then we can get out more bags.

Last year I got on a kick of making some cross stitched pears. Think they were a Samplers and Santa freebie. Anyway I put them together and thought I would show them off.

Here is the website.

I'm wanting to draw up another bee themed rug soon. I have drawn another Bad Hair day and started hooking it to give to the young lady who does my hair. I also drew up a sunflower themed one...I need to do some Christmas and autumn themed ones as they tend to sell better on etsy.

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