Saturday, June 13, 2015

Of Spiders and plums

It has been very busy days lately. Gardening is coming off and fruit is ripening so it is an everyday thing to pick and put up. I've really been too busy to even get online much. I have managed to get out early in the morning before the heat and humidity sets in to just enjoy the peace and quiet of the beginning of day. I love looking at all of nature that God has given us. Found a brown thrush nesting in our sand plum thicket and now a scarlet (or summer) tanger nesting in a peach tree. Redbirds are trying to get to the blueberries as they ripen so they have become a pest. But did manage to catch a good photo of this amazing spider web with Mrs. Spider sitting in the center waiting for her breakfast.
Our plums are ripening now and having to pick as many as we can before the birds bruise them or the squirrels steal them. We only plan to put up jam from the stone plums so these others will be given to family members and friends and of course I'm eating a bunch myself. We have gotten almost 3 bushels of plums from one tree. Our larger plums from a different tree have not begun to ripen yet so it is amazing to get this many off of just one tree.
We are bagging them in gallon ziplocks. This will be easier to give out to people. Every container you see on this table have plums. The ones that need to ripen more are still in the tubs, baskets and dishpans.

I picked my first blueberries this morning. Not many but they are sure starting to ripen.

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  1. That is a lovely harvest of plums from just one tree. This is the busy season and although we complain about the cold of winter it is necessary for rest :D Happy gardening!