Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Of Rabbits and Birds

Today I'm taking it easy. We have been so busy in the garden, orchard and yard that today is going to be a quiet day. I finished the hooking on the new "Bad Hair Day" rug and even have it bound, but need to block it. I also hooked 2 hearts and they are bound as well. I will block them sometime today and then get photos up tomorrow. I plan to stitch the hearts together and stuff and put in an old rusty spring.

We have a nice friendly Peter Rabbit inhabiting our back yard. He loves the clover and he seems so tame. We can walk out when he is grazing and it doesn't seem to bother him much. Even the dogs don't seem to mind him. Thankfully we have an electric fence around our garden so that it keeps him in the clover instead of our veggies.
We also have several birds nesting around. One is in our stone plum (wild) thicket. They are brown thrush and when we pick the plums, they will fly off the next but come right back. Another nest is in one of our peach trees and not sure what kind of bird it is. It is a different looking next and looks like a little hanging basket. We thought it was a summer tanger but not sure. And the 3rd nest is in our muscadine grape vines growing at the front of our house draping over the brick patio area. That one is a redbird nest and they really squawk at us every time we walk under. Her is the photo of it.

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  1. My mother has a bunny family under her hedge and she just loves spotting them in her yard and at her bird feeder, more than seeing the birds :)