Wednesday, June 10, 2015

goldfish ponds

Haven't really taken any photos lately so dug out some old ones I took a few weeks ago.

Several years ago I wanted a goldfish pond in the yard. We bought a odd shaped one and buried it near the house. A couple of years after we had it, hubby was trying to kill a snake and busted a hole in the bottom so we filled it in and planted ferns, hostas, ivy and periwinkle...all shade plants. Since hubby is the best, he decided we still needed a goldfish pond so we went to Railroad Salvage and bought 2 round fiberglass tubs. Strangely they didn't have drain holes so it made them perfect for the ponds. We planted one up high and other lower and made a concrete and slate waterfall thing between them. The first year we ran the pump we found out that the waterfall area wasn't sealed good enough and we were losing water so since then we never run the pump. We planted ivy and water iris around it and dumped in goldfish we got at the bait shop. We always manage to have at least one to live through the winter even with most of the water being frozen. We just restock them every year.

This next shot is taken one early morning when the sun had just come up. Love this time of day.

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