Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Finally got a few shots around the place yesterday. It has been hot and steamy here lately. We have had a late afternoon or evening shower for 2 days now and looks like it will continue today. Just makes it steamier. But so good for the garden.

Our tomatoes and peppers are in buckets and bins and really growing. None are ripe yet but will be in a week or so.
Our blueberries are beginning to ripen.

Our asparagus is now ferny plants. It makes them healthier for next spring's picking season. Cutting the plum tree beside them was a good thing as the asparagus was being shaded and sapped too much but the tree.

Our fig tree has come back as a bush. They had weakened so from 2 winters of long periods of freezing temps. They can usually do ok with a day or 2 but when you have 2 or 3 solid weeks of freeze then they take longer to pull out of it in the spring. So we decided to cut them back to the ground and now it is a nice healthy bush. We won't have figs this year but maybe next.

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