Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Gardening life

Just a few shots from around our place.
This is our Catalpa Tree. You can seed them with worms from other Catalpa trees and then in later years can use the worms for fishing. They make the best catfish bait. And the trees are gorgeous and smell yummy when blooming.
A far shot of our garden. The tree stumps in the foreground is out fig tree we cut back due to freezing temps for 2 years. It is coming back out from the stumps. It makes them bushier to do this ever so often anyway and easier to pick. It will be 2 or more years before we get figs again.
No comment needed here. Hopefully we will have tomatoes ripe by July.
Our 2 yard dogs. Lulu is the brown and black by the pot. Freddy is the smaller Chihuahua and his real name is Fredrick VonBlackballs.
The clematis that were supposed to be blue. They are pink!!!

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  1. We have Catalpa Trees here in Southern Ontario too. I love them so much. Cute furbabies :D