Monday, June 15, 2015

Blog hop

Buttermilk Basin Design Studio is having a blog hop so thought I would jump on the band wagon.
Today was the first listing and got a really cute pattern for a flag quilt. Think this will be fun.

On the home front.......we finally got all the plums picked from the one tree and got over 3 bushels. Gave away a lot yesterday to the kids and friends at church. Hubby got the tree trimmed and think we can salvage the tree enough from the black blight. He then sprayed with fungicide and hopefully that will help. He was able to save our Granny Smith apple tree a few years ago from the cedar blight it was getting. So maybe so!!!

Had awakened this morning feeling awful. Stomach was rolling and thought it was the potluck we ate at church last night...but then around 9a.m. realized I had not taken my meds last night. Joints are still aching but due to rain and weather change...not unusual so I won't complain about that. We did get a little over an inch of rain yesterday that was so needed and hope we get a little more tomorrow.

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  1. I do love a good blog party. It is such a great way of getting visited and visiting new and wonderful blogs.