Wednesday, May 20, 2015

wool dyeing

I love dyeing wool for my hooked rugs. I always feel like a mad scientist or something. I love using naturals to see what can turn out when finished. I especially love dyeing white wool with onion skins. You can get a good person's skin tone and looks lovely mixed into a tan background. Here is my latest onion skin dyeing.
I also dyed some rosey color using ProChem and Cushing dye. I always write down exactly what I do and then when finished I cut a swatch and put it in a little notebook which is my Dye Book. This way I can always go back and try to recreate the same color.
Here is the Rosey dyed wool.
I used both these colors in the last 2 rugs I hooked.

Since then I've dyed 2 different shades of green using ProChem and Cushing dyes and also a rusty orange using Rit and Cushing mixed. I was aiming for a rosey orange but came out rusty. I will show photos of them later.

I'm going to try to feature some of hubby's work. He mainly works in wood but usually I can ask him to make me something and he can figure it out and come out exactly like I want.

I was wanting a bottle tree for my yard. I have some lovely blue bottles I had saved thinking I would slump them in my ceramic kiln and make windchimes but decided instead to use them for my bottle tree. He cut me a cedar tree and stripped the leaves and sunk it in cement so it would stay.

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  1. You dye your wool as well! That is soooo cool (okay dating myself now - LOL) I like your bottle tree too