Monday, May 11, 2015

We have had lots and lots of rain...over 6inches in 3 days. River is up but we are safe. We live about 60miles northeast of where a tornado went through and killed 2 people. A young couple leaving their new born baby alive. So sad but rain is always needed for gardens to grow. Just wish the tornados wouldn't go along with them.

I thought I would share a new rug finish I completed about a month ago. I found this pattern in Primitive Quilts and Crafts Magazine and just loved it.

Our veggie garden is really growing. We put up landscape timbers a few years ago to keep the rains from washing it away. This year we added the big barrel pots for our tomatoes and peppers. We grew some last year in pots and they did so well that we set this up permanent. I also have a new smaller herb bed besides my mint and lettuce bed.

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