Tuesday, May 19, 2015

We have been so blest to raise 3 sons, who are all happily married and have gifted us with 9 grandkids. Out of all these 9, we only have one grandson. He is 16 I think and is growing up too fast.
We have a tree in our front yard that overhangs the house that we really need to have cut down. We can't cut it ourselves as we would probably fall it on our roof or the powerlines so we have just put off for several years. The main reason we know it is not healthy is it has this large crack on one side and every early winter or late autumn this big mushroom grows out this crack. I've been told it is a lion's mane mushroom and is edible but I don't want to take the chance that it is poison. But it is interesting to look at.
One of my interests are miniature things and gnomes. A friend of mine loves them as well and this is her newest little house. It is much smaller than the traditional doll house. I'm thinking I may try one like it some day.

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