Friday, May 15, 2015

Today is a cooler rainy day. We are spending today processing meat. Hubby is a big hunter and we process our own venison mix which is about half venison and half beef or is much leaner and fresher than store bought. Today is also bed linen change day. All is done and will be washing the doggy blankets tomorrow and giving Miss Gracie a bath.

Here is a shot of a wild thrillium plant. I dug and replanted them into a flower bed. They have thrived and seem to be spreading. They bloom in early spring.
We got a kitten last year and he was such a good kitty. We named him Charlie and he was the best cat we have ever had. He was a little bit afraid of everything. But he did like roaming at night so we usually put him outside at night and then he would come in and sleep all day..Never a bother and never got up on counter tops or tables. Then early this spring, he was out one night when a thunderstorm blew in. He got scared and ran off and hid. We called him for 2 days. The 3rd morning when the gravel trucks started running we found that the trucks had run over him. We have been very sad to lose such a sweetie. I've been looking for a replacement but so far none.

These are our outside dogs. Lulu and Freddy. They are both rescue dogs. Freddy is a Chihuahua but was unmanageable by people who owned him when he was really young. He absolutely loves Lulu and they are constant companions. Freddy is such a funny little dog and is mainly all we gave him a big name. Fredrick VonBlackballs. He has turned into a sweet little dog. Lulu is mainly hubby's dog and she loves riding in the Kawasaki Mule with him.

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