Monday, May 18, 2015

This and that

We have a granddaughter that rides horses. She competes in barrel racing and has become quite good at it. She has been attending a camp of sorts for horse riding and has learned so much and it has made her become very responsible. Her younger sister likes to ride but hasn't been to camp like the other one. Their older sister could care less about farm animals of any kind. But this middle granddaughter lost her horse recently. It has been rather sad for her but she got 2 new horses since then. This is her on her old favorite horse. (RIP Georgia)
We live in the Ouachita National forest and mountain region of Arkansas. We have lots of fresh clear creeks, rivers and lakes. We are so blest. One of the rivers had a terrible accident several years ago when there came a flash flood. Many campers died. This is a small river called the Little Missouri River. At the headwaters of this river is what is called the Little Missouri Falls. They are lovely to sit and play in during the hot summer months. There are lots of hiking trails in the area as well.

I have this old planter that was my mother's. It is made from a tire. It was once on a wooden pedestal that looked like a flower stem with leaves but over the many years the wood rotted. So we place it on a car wheel and looks just as nice. We planted it with a succulent type moss plant. Not sure what it is called but there are some hens and chicken succulents in there as well.
A few years ago we made this trellis to grow some clematis. We bought what was supposed to be red, white and blue ones to give a patriotic look to the yard. But they turned out to be a deep rose and light pink and we do have a white which has not bloomed yet. But still it is lovely. This is about the 4th year of growth. We hang our hummingbird feeders here. Also there is a nest of chickadees living in the big birdhouse.

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