Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Radom shots

Just a few random shots....
These are some rivers in my area.
This is the Cossatot River. It is known for canoeing and can be dangerous at times. Very very clear spring water feeds it and it is so much fun to play in this river. I remember going there when I was a young child and getting leeches. Leeches will not live in any water that is not you know it is a clean enough river to drink if it has leeches. (I can hear you saying yuck!!!)
This is close to the headwaters of the Little Missouri River. This is a park area called the Little Missouri Falls. Many visit in the summer to enjoy sitting in the spa like falls. But watch out!!!! Water is cold enough to bring on hyperthermia.

I have been trying to eat better the last few years. My heritage is Danish on my mother's side of the family. Grandparents all immigrated from Denmark. Mother was full Dane. Anyway much of the foods they eat are finger type foods and I love eating this way. Here is a meal I would love.

I'm soon to work on a new outdoor project. I got some old wooden shutters a few years ago. I painted them red and used them in my youngest son's café for decorations. When he sold the café I then used them in my own collectible shop. I couldn't bear to sell them and so have had them stored for the past few years. I am now wanting to make some of these for yard art.

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  1. Yuck - LOL, I really didn't know that they were in clean water. I thought it was like swamps and standing water. Good to know. I like the Garden Angels too.